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MAZIC™ GW-1560

Introducing the all-new high-end POS MAZIC that entirely refined point of sale system. The MAZIC adapts simplified and modernized design with a 15.6” wide touchscreen. MAZIC™ GW-1560 will elevate the style of the place where it is installed.


The IMPREX® PRIME is a whole new generation of high-end all-in-one POS system with a fast-speed receipt printer integrated. It delivers innovative design, stylish look, robust performance, maximum reliability, superior expandability, and advanced manageability to meet today’s challenges in the retail and hospitality environments.


APEXA® GT is POSBANK’s latest POS terminal which reinterprets the traditional forms of mechanical looking in a modern and contemporary style. Its unrivaled innovative design enables customers to enjoy space efficiency and usability at the same time. APEXA®GT features modern and contemporary styling, powerful performance, superior touch display, multiple I/O interfaces, and flexible installation. Simply built for today’s retail and hospitality businesses.