Add single tax or tax group.

Add New Single Tax

The tax is one of the tools of state financing, as it is imposed on citizens, companies and institutions to collect funds that the state uses to finance various public services and government projects. Tax systems vary from country to country, and taxes include several types such as income tax, sales tax, value-added tax, real estate tax, car tax, and others.

From this standpoint, the smart POPs Enterprise system makes it easy for you to define taxes and apply them directly to your products and services. All you have to do is add the tax and determine the tax rate, and the system will say to collect the tax and price automatically.


Tax Group

The smart system also gives you the opportunity to combine more than one tax into one group to apply it to the product at the same time.

The order is very important when determining taxes. If the tax is selected as a combination, the tax on the product or service will be calculated in addition to the previous tax applicable to the same product.