Purchase Orders

Create a purchase order 

A purchase order between a company and a provider is a process by which a company purchases goods or services from an external supplier or provider. The purchase order includes the process of identifying the required products or services, determining the required quantities, and determining the specifications and standards that the products or services must comply with.

The purchase requisition is usually created by the company's procurement department and is routed to the supplier or supplier company. The purchase order contains information such as the name of the supplier, contact details, details of the products or services ordered, quantities ordered, agreed prices if any, and any other relevant information.

POPs Enterprise plays a crucial role in achieving the restaurant's goals and ensuring that it continues to meet its needs in an efficient and fast manner. This is done by allocating a section for purchase orders, where all the products you need can be registered, and then the products can be divided into different suppliers and suppliers and then easily create a purchase order.

Assign purchasable products.

Before you start creating an order, you should know how to add purchasable products from suppliers and suppliers.


Create a new purchase order.