Inventory Adjustment

Registration of damaged and modified products 

Inventory counting refers to the process of checking, recording and evaluating the quantity of products or goods in stock with a company or commercial organization at the end of a certain period of time. Inventory counting aims to determine the available quantities of products and assess their total value.

The inventory counting process typically involves counting stored items manually or using computerized inventory tracking systems. Countable quantities are recorded and compared with stored records to identify any discrepancies or inconsistencies in the data. Next, the financial value of the inventory is assessed using specific methods such as standard cost, average cost, or actual cost.

Inventory counting is an important process for companies and commercial institutions for several reasons, including:

  1. Verifying the correctness of accounting records and ensuring a match between the actual data and the recorded data.
  2. Evaluate the value of inventory and calculate associated costs to determine potential profit or loss.
  3. Identify the deficit or surplus in stock and take the necessary measures to correct it, such as reordering or disposing of excess items.
  4. Provide accurate information for financial reporting and tax reports. 

Inventory should be carried out regularly and periodically in accordance with the company's policies and procedures to ensure the accuracy of the recorded data and maintain the effectiveness of future management and planning processes.

Through the enterprise system, you can record your remaining quantity, and automatically record the quantities used. This makes it easier for you to inventory products.

Inventory Adjustment

Record currently available inventory quantities.


It is also possible to add the damaged quantities of inventory to calculate the remaining through the enterprise system, with a quick and simple step, which is just adding the damaged number and the remaining quantity will be calculated automatically.



Record damaged quantities of inventory.