Add cashier devices.

Cashier machines are devices used in points of sale to record and process financial transactions. These devices facilitate the sales process and allow merchants to track sales, manage inventory, and record payments.

Cashier devices have evolved over the years to become more advanced and versatile. In the past, cashier machines resembled simple calculators and were used to enter the amount of money and calculate the final amount. With the development of technology, cashiers have come to include touch screens and advanced software systems that support many features.

The POPS intelligent system identifies all devices and assigns which ones are the main from the sub. When registering in the POPs Enterprise system, the first device is automatically registered and identified as the main one, and then you can add the rest of the sub-devices.


Note: The number of cash drawers must not be less than the number of devices. When you add a device and there are not enough cash drawers, a new cash drawer will automatically be added.