Buy & Get

Buy & Get offer creation feature.

Restaurant promotions provide many benefits to the restaurant and to customers alike.

  • Attracting new customers: Promotions are an opportunity to attract new customers to the restaurant. An enticing offer or attractive discount may be what attracts new customers and motivates them to try the restaurant for the first time. 
  • Increase restaurant sales: When attractive promotions are offered, they usually increase the sales volume of the restaurant. The tempting offer may attract existing customers to increase dining or take-out from the restaurant. 
  • Enhance loyalty and continuity: Promotions can help build a sustainable relationship with existing customers. When customers have a good experience and benefit from discounts and special offers, they may become regular customers and continue to visit the restaurant.

In general, restaurant promotions provide a variety of benefits that boost business and attract and retain customers.

Pops Enterprise system provides you with the feature of creating offers buy and get 
Where the time period of the offer can be determined with the quantity in addition to the type of order inside the restaurant or by delivery, and others.
It is also possible to select the dishes to be applied to, all you have to do is specify what you want and the enterprise system serves you.