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SUBJECTNew Features in POPs Restaurant Software 2019
DATE   2018-12-08 01:49:15
New Features in POPs Restaurant Software 2019
  1. 1.Search Functionality
  2. 2.Print Customer order in separate printer for each order type (dine in, quick serve, etc.)
  3. 3.Notification to user if order has no stock
  4. 4.Waste option for salable inventory item
  5. 5.Table Charges
  6. 6.Send menu by email to customer
  7. 7.Cancel Choosing Modifier will not add the item
  8. 8.Transfer Table from another server
  9. 9.Pay out expense account
  10. 10.Audit Report
  11. 11.Print order in kitchen after payment
  12. 12.Change menu item to out of stock if qty finished
  13. 13.Move house account to main screen
  14. 14.Custom unit of measurements
  15. 15.Minimum and Maximum modifier count
  16. 16.Email receipt for customer
  17. 17.Drive Thru
  18. 18.Ask user to enter kitchen memo and car number in drive-thru orders
  19. 19.Estimated Time to Clear Table
  20. 20.Staff Bank for Drivers
  21. 21.Staff Meal Limit
  22. 22.Print kitchen order in receipt printer when kitchen printer is off
  23. 23.Print Complimentary Items in cashier out
  24. 24.Select Complementary after placing order
  25. 25.Add Rules for employees
  26. 26.No Table Charge
  27. 27.Change item status to out of stock from order screen
  28. 28.Add House account limit for customer
  29. 29.Change Driver
  30. 30.Drivers Commission
  31. 31.Scan orders in Delivery List by Barcode
  32. 32.Foreign Currency
  33. 33.Catering Orders (Delivery)
  34. 34.Catering Orders
  35. 35.Menu Sizes in import and export menu by excel
  36. 36.Auto Calculate Menu Cost Based on recipe
  37. 37.Service Provider
  38. 38.Service Provider Payment
  39. 39.3 taxes
  40. 40.Print Sales before Cashier out
  41. 41.Main Screen Security
  42. 42.Add Custom defined decimal points for units
  43. 43.Quickbooks accounting system integration
New Reports in POPs Restaurant Software 2019
  1. 1.Delivery details report
  2. 2.Inventory profit loss report
  3. 3.Inventory usage summary report
  4. 4.Inventory usage report
  5. 5.Expense report
  6. 6.Modifier usage summary report
  7. 7.Modifier usage details report
  8. 8.Inventory Adjustment report
  9. 9.Menu List
  10. 10.Service Provider Balance Summary Report
  11. 11.Service Provider Balance Details Report
  12. 12.Staff Bank report
  13. 13.Add Footer in reports
  14. 14.Promotion Report
  15. 15.Complimentary Report
  16. 16.Business hour sales report
  17. 17.Detail Sales by foreign Currencies
  18. 18.Foreign Currencies Sales By Days
  19. 19.Service provider sales summary report
  20. 20.Service provider sales details report


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