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  • Power and Style at Your Space™
  •  High-End POS System with Alluring Style

     Robust Performance with the 4th Generation Intel® Processors 

     Bezel-free True-Flat 15" and 17" LED LCD Display with PCAP Touch

     Tool-less Design for Rapid installation and Easy Maintenance

     Color Customization

  • Power and Style at Your Space™

  • The ANYSHOP® PRIME is a high-end touch screen POS system that delivers robust performance, alluring style and easy maintenance for various market segments.
  • Robust Performance

  • The ANYSHOP® PRIME employs the 4th generation Intel® Core™ Haswell i3, i5, i7 and Intel® Celeron™ quad-core J1900 processors. They allow the latest customer-focused applications to run with ease. The ANYSHOP® PRIME helps serve your customers faster.
  • Performance/Energy-Efficient Intel® Processors
    - Intel® Core™ Haswell processor i3, i5, i7
    - Intel® Celeron™ J1900 Quad-Core

  • Alluring Style

  • Sleek and elegant design of the ANYSHOP® PRIME can enhance store image and make your business look more attractive. Customizable colors can improve brand identity and be a key element of differentiation.

  • Advanced Display

  • The bezel-free 15" and 17" LED LCD display provide improved clarity and brightness, allowing for accurate transactions. Built with PCAP touch technology, it is activated with both fingers and gloves. Make it easy for you staffs.
  • Bezel-free True-Flat 15" and 17" LED LCD Display with PCAP Touch
  • Tool-less Design

  • The tool-less design of the ANYSHOP® PRIME delivers rapid installation. And its thumbscrews and modular technology enable service, maintenance and upgrade with ease. Save your time and reduce your cost.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply

  • During a power outage, an optional smart battery provides emergency electricity to keep the POS system running and protect against data loss or system damage. Get additional security and peace of mind with UPS function.





Customer Display 
- 20 Columns × 2 Lines

  2nd LCD Display
- 9.7", 12.1", 15" LCD
- 1024 × 768 Resolution
- MSR (ISO 7811, Support 1 & 2& 3 Track)
- SCR (EMV Level 1,2)




- 2.5 inch SSD 128GB, HDD 500GB, HDD 1TB
- 2nd 2.5 inch SSD 128GB, HDD 500GB, HDD 1TB

  Smart Battery 
- 3S1P 2050mAh
- 4S1P 2050mAh