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POSBANK - Point-of-sale total solution provider


 History of Posbank


From a group of talented engineers to a worldwide company, Posbank has grown to become one of leading POS system providers.


- Launched 'IMPREX PRIME' (All-in-One POS Terminal)
- Launched 'A7 Migration' (Receipt Printer)


- Launched 'BOXPOS' (PC POS)
- Launched 'POSMO II' (POS Touch Screen Monitor)
- Launched 'ANYSHOP e2' and 'BLUO' (POS Terminal)
- Established a Manufaturing Facility in China


- Launched ‘POPs restaurant’ (Web and mobile Back office software)
- Launched ‘AnyShop pro’ (POS terminal)
- Launched ‘POPs restaurant’ (Customized POS restaurant software)
- Good Trademark certified by the Korean government


- Launched ‘AnyShop II’ (POS terminal)
- Won Korean Good Design Award with AnyShop Ⅱ
- Launched ‘A10 Migration’ (Thermal receipt printer)
- ISO14001 certified


- Won Hi Seoul Brand Award 
- Launched 'AnyShop Eco'(POS terminal)&'A7(jam-free thermal printer)


- Launched miniO (all-in-one POS terminal) 
- ISO9001 certified


- Established warehouse & customer service center 
- Launched ‘AnyShop’ (POS terminal) & ‘A10’ (thermal printer) 
- Won Korean Good Design Award with A10


- Won Korean Good Design Award with IMPREX
- Established factory for direct in-house production
- Launched ‘Restaurant POS Solution OLIVE 


- Launched ‘IMPREX’ & ‘SlimPOS’ (all-in-one POS terminal) 
- Launched ‘POSmo’ (POS Monitor)


- INNO-BIZ company certified by the Korean government
- Launched ‘A9’ (thermal printer)


- Launched ‘POS System ASP Solution’ 


- Launched ‘ERP Solution’ (SPERP) 


- Launched ‘Restaurant POS Solution’ & ‘Retail POS Solution’ 


- POSBANK Established